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Sister City Exchange
As part of our City's effort to strengthen international partnerships and create opportunities that make Indianapolis a globally-recognized, inclusive City, the Library is proud to participate in these ambassadorial exchanges of Library staff.

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Past Sister City Projects
IndyPL Welcomes German Librarian for the Sister City Staff Exchange
IndyPL Welcomes Chinese Librarian for the Sister City Staff Exchange

"This offers an opportunity to become embedded in a different culture and understand what libraries mean to others, obtain real insights into other approaches to organizing, funding and providing services, and to deepen our appreciation for diversity."

— Indianapolis Public Library CEO Jackie Nytes

Hangzhou Representatives Welcome

VIDEO: Sister City Greeting And Welcome Of Hanzhou Library Exchange Staff

Welcome to One Book, Two Cities

We are pleased to present the novel Vienna written by Austrian author Eva Menasse as the choice for One Book, Two Cities, a first-of-its kind international reading campaign. This partnership between Sister Cities, Indianapolis, Indiana and Cologne, Germany is designed to bring our communities together around reading and discussing one book.

Critically acclaimed as a landmark European novel of impressive reach and power, the novel Vienna loops forward and back over the course of a century to follow a part-Jewish family separated by the Nazi invasion and World War II. The exchange of stories and anecdotes across generations is the principle means for family members to reclaim their roots – even if they do lead back to generational paradox.

Creating common ground in communities is part of fostering a civil society. Books can be a catalyst to spark our imaginations, raise questions, help us see from different viewpoints and shape our understanding of the world. Imagine, if together, people in both of our cities share their stories, anecdotes and observations about the One Book. What might we find out about ourselves? What could we find out about each other?

We encourage you take part locally in book clubs and groups which provide an opportunity for discussion between coworkers, friends, family and neighbors. Then join us in an international exchange of ideas by participating in the "One Book, Two Cities’ electronic book club". During January and February, 2014, IndyPL will host discussions and other free events related to the book.

To make reading the book easy and convenient, free copies of Vienna will be available at all IndyPL locations – while supplies last. Additionally, multiple copies are available to borrow at your local branch or the Central Library.

Thank you for being a part of our international book club.

Dr. Hannelore Vogt
CEO, Cologne Public Library
M. Jacqueline Nytes
CEO, The Indianapolis Public Library

One Book, Two Cities Launch Event